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SRRS Östra Speciality Show!

Yesterday I went to SRRS Östra Rideback Speciality Show judged by Steffen Schock, Germany and breed entry 61. 
First out in the special "petclass" for ridgebacks with faults (like ridgefaults for example) was Kadamo Teana "Nangi" who has a third crown. This was her and her mum Pernillas very first time at a show and they did so well. She was Best of Breed Pet with a very nice critique from the judge.
After that the male classes began and we only had one boy at the show, in Veteranclass SEVCH SEVW-23 Kadamo Always Aiming High who placed nicely 3rd with Exc and CQ.
In bitchclasses I had two of my girls with me. First out was Kadamo A Million Dreams "Tosca" in juniorclass where she placed 2nd with Exc and CQ. 
Her mum FINCH SEVCH Kadamo Comin' Home "Tiya" placed 3rd with Exc and CQ in Championclass but no placement for them in best bith. Still very happy with their nice critiques and the lovely day we had around the ring with our friends.
Thank you to Nadine and Ewa for taking pictures of my girls when I was in the ring!




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