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Moa Best of Breed Veteran, Best Bitch, BOS and Mira Exc-3 in Intermediateclass today at the Int. Show in Norrköping!

Today I went to the International Dogshow in Norrköping to show Mira and Moa for Swedish judge Birgitta Svarstad. Breed entry 43.
I was supposed to have shown Kadamo Fire it Up "Arrax" in juniorclass but something had gone wrong with his entry so just showing my girls today.
Mira was first out in Intermediateclass were she recieved Excellent and finished 3rd. The judge came up to me and gave Mira a lot of wonderful comments, she just thinks she needs a little bit more time the fill out her body and she is right.
For the second time I showed Moa this year and again in Veteranclass. She recieved Excellent and won the class with CQ and was also placed as Best of Breed Veteran!
Time for Best Bitch were my old superstar kicked butts and was placed as Best Bitch! Second show in a row! 
Time for Best of Breed where Moa finished Best Opposite Sex. So happy with my old lady who just enjoys showing off!
I took a little roadtrip before the finals and were back there in the afternoon to compete for Best in Show Veteran, unfortunately no placement for us this time.
After a very long day I was happy to drive home! No more shows planned for us right now, I will have to wait to see when I have had my baby if we will go to more shows this year or leave in until next year. But sooner or later we will be back!


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