Hamnuddens Dando af Argos "Dando"

Dando, my prince, my King, my one and only! They say you never forget your first, and I won't! Dando is my first dog and he is the best there is. He is a very charming and persuasive boy, if he know's you have a dogtreat he will look into your eyes, tilt his head and convince you to feed him! 
No one who has met Dando will ever forget him! He leaves a mark on your heart! 
Dando introduced me into the dogworld and got me interested in all kinds of activities. We gained one obediencetitle, LP1, two rallyobediencetitles RLDN and RLDF and he also became Swedish Bloodtracking Champion. 
Dando only had one testicle so he was never a show or breedingdog.

Dando's MH:

In Memorian:

RIP my dear boy, always in my heart.

2003/06/02  - 2014/11/04

D.O.B: 2003-06-02
Sex: Male

Sire: Intuch Norduch Svch Nvch Dea Decora's Argos
Dame: Such Evergraces Gorgeous Princess Leia

Hips: A/A (clear)
Elbows: 0/0 (clear)
Weight: 41 kg
Height: 69 cm

Mentally tested: Gunshotproof (1)

Swedish Fieldtracking Champion

LP1 Obedience Diploma 1
RLDN Rallyobedience Novice Diploma
RLDF Rallyobedience Graduate Diploma 


Placed as Winner of Rallyobediencecompetition out of 40 dogs 2011
Placed as 10th Best Fieltracking dog (RR) 2006
Winner of Obedienceclass 1 at the RR-Clubs Eastershow 2007
Winner of Obedienceclass 1 at the RR-Clubs competition 2007
Placed as 6th Best Obediencedog (RR) 2007

Owner: Karin Fürst

Pictures of Dando:

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Dando 10 years old:

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