Kadamo I'm in it for the Gold "Koya"

This little girl was not meant to be mine... I had no plans to keep a girl from this litter at home, only at breedingterms. But what can I say, from day 1 she was determined to change my mind!
She made sure she behaved well near my then only 5 months old daughter Ellen, and stayed close to hear when she got the opportunity. Just that of course melted my heart!
When she on top of that started to develop into a sweet, brave, curious and gorgeous looking young girl well then I could not resist her.
So here we are, a new baby in the family!
She is the granddaughter of my sweet queen and foundationbitch CIB NORDUCH EECH SEVCH NVCH RLDN RLDF SEVV-14 Hamnuddens Fischer CV "Moa" so I am keeping my princess in my future lines, just improving her little by little.
I look forward to the future with this little girl. Check back to see more of her!


D.O.B: 2015-01-15
Sex: Female/Bitch
Sire: SEUCH DKUCH FINCH NORDUCH SEVCH Mankoya's Incredible Idde by Gambo "Idde"
Dame: SEVCH Kadamo Fire in the Sky "Kayla"
Hips: C/D 
Elbows: 0/1
Weight: 36,5 kg
Height: 65 cm
Dental status: Correct bite, fullset of teeth
Health: EOAD clear trough parents

Bloodtracking: Swedish Bloodtracking Champion
Rallyobedience: RLDN- Rallyobedience Noviceclass Diploma
Swedish Champion
Finnish Champion
Norwegian Champion
#2nd Most Top Winning Ridgeback in Sweden 2016 (from junior and intermediateclass)
Norwegian Juniorwinner 2015
10x CAC (Sweden)
1x CAC (Finland)
1x CAC (Norway)
1x R-CAC (Norway)
3x R-CAC (Sweden)
2x R-CAC (Denmark)
4x BOB
4x BOS
1x BIG-1 (from juniorclass at MyDog)
2x BIG-4
Qualified for CRUFTs
1x BISS puppy
2x BOB puppy
1x BOS puppy
Best Ridge at Speciality Show

Owner/Breeder: Karin Fürst


5-6 years:

4-5 years:

3-4 years:

2-3 years:

Koya 1-2 years:

Koya 6-12 months:

Koya 0-6 months:

Koya and my daughter Ellen: