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Kadamo statistics

Below you will find information about the litters and dogs born here at kennel Kadamo. For more info and pictures of each dog/litter click on the littername to get to their own page.

Name:                                               Reg.nr:         Sex: Hips: Elbows: Notes:                       Shows:            Bloodtracking:
Kadamo First Lady
S29717/2009 Bitch    A2 0/0 Exp. Germany German JCAC
SEVCH SEUCH Kadamo Lady in Red
S29718/2009 Bitch A/A 0/0 SEUCH SEVCH
SEVCH Kadamo Up in the Blue
S29719/2009 Male A/A 0/0 EXC, CQ SEVCH
SEVCH Kadamo Living on the Edge
S29720/2009 Male A/B 0/0 SEVCH
SEUCH SEVCH Kadamo Don't Mess with Texas "Charlie" S29721/2009 Male A/A 0/0 SEUCH SEVCH
Kadamo This is Boston
S29722/2009 Male B/B 0/0 Allergic, kinked tail
SEVCH Kadamo The Stage is Set for You
S29723/2009 Male A/A 0/0 Allergic EXC. SEVCH
Kadamo A Dream Come True
S29724/2009 Bitch A/A 0/0 Kinked tail
SEVCH SEUCH Kadamo Too Hot to Handle "Gaya" S29725/2009 Bitch A/A 0/0 SEUCH, 2x CACIB SEVCH
EECH EEJCH FINCH Kadamo The Girl Next
Door "Myy"
S29726/2009 Bitch B/B 0/0 Exp. Finland FINCH, EECH, EEJCH
SEVCH Kadamo American Brownie
S29727/2009 Bitch A/A 0/0 EXC. CQ SEVCH
Kadamo As Good As it Gets
S29728/2009 Male A/A 0/0 Epilepsi
Name:                                            Reg.nr:          Sex: Hips: Elbows: Notes:                     Shows:            Bloodtracking:
SEVCH Kadamo All You Need is Love
SE46743/2010 Male A/A 0/0 Overbite, RLDN SEVCH
SEVCH Kadamo Bad Boy
SE46744/2010 Male A/A 0/0 VG SEVCH
Kadamo You Know My Name
SE46745/2010 Male A/A 0/0 R-CAC, EXC. CQ 1x first prize
SEVCH Twist and Shout
SE46746/2010 Male A/A 0/0 Extra hidden crown SEVCH
SEVCH Kadamo Ain't She Sweet
SE46747/2010 Bitch A/A 0/0 R-CAC SEVCH
SEVCH Kadamo From Me to You
SE46748/2010 Bitch A/A 0/0 Offset EXC SEVCH
SEVCH RLDN RLDF Kadamo Penny Lane
SE46749/2010 Bitch A/A 0/0 Kinked tail, RLDN RLDF SEVCH
Name:                                               Reg.nr:          Sex: Hips: Elbows:  Notes:                      Shows:             Bloodtracking:
Kadamo A Hero in Halifax
SE14533/2011 Bitch B/B 0/0 EXC Apr. aptitudetest
SEVCH Kadamo An Angel in Abbey
SE14534/2011 Bitch A/A 0/0 Small kink tail EXC SEVCH
SEUCH FINCH SEVCH Kadamo Thinking of Tilley "Tilly" SE14535/2011 Bitch A/A 0/0 SEUCH, FINCH SEVCH
SEVCH Kadamo Rare As Ryley
SE14536/2011 Bitch A/A 0/0 Surgery one elbow EXC, CQ SEVCH
Kadamo All Eyes on Armstrong
SE14537/2011 Male A/A  -   Surgery one elbow BIS-1 puppy
SEVCH Kadamo Here Comes Hudson
SE14538/2011 Male C/C 0/0 Allergic R-CAC SEVCH
Kadamo Look Out for Lennox
SE14539/2011 Male  -  -   Put to sleep for FCP
Kadamo Never Without Nelson
SE14540/2011 Male  -    -   Put to sleep for FCP  
Kadamo Watch Out for Wellington
SE14541/2011 Male A/A 0/0 Overbite, kinked tail, hidden crown
SEVCH NORDJW-11 Kadamo Count on
Churchill "D'Arby"
SE14542/2011 Male A/A 0/0 NORDJW-11, EXC, CQ  SEVCH
Kadamo Talk About Toronto
SE14543/2011 Male A/A 0/0 Overbite, allergic
Name:                                               Reg.nr:          Sex: Hips: Elbows: Notes:                        Shows:             Bloodtracking:
 BISS-13 Kadamo Johnny Walker
SE21151/2012 Male  B/B  0/0  BISS-13, CAC,
SEUCH EECH FINUCH DKUCH SEJW-12 Kadamo Rob Roy"Dexter" SE21152/2012 Male  B/B 0/0 SEUCH, EECH, FINUCH, SEJW-12 Aptitudetest
Kadamo Jack Daniels
SE21153/2012 Male A/A 0/0 Multicrown Aptitudetest
SEVCH Kadamo Fire in the Sky
SE21154/2012 Bitch  B/B 0/0  EXC. SEVCH
SEVCH Kadamo Heart Stopper
SE21155/2012 Bitch  A/A 0/0  EXC. SEVCH
Kadamo Leave it to Me
SE21156/2012 Bitch  A/B 0/0 Big box Aptitudetest
Kadamo Eye Opener
SE21157/2012 Bitch  B/B 0/0 Extra crown 1st prize
SEVCH Kadamo Bloody Mary
SE21158/2012 Bitch    A/A      0/0 Overbite 1st prize
Kadamo Dancer in the Dark
SE21159/2012 Bitch Ridgeless
Kadamo Kiss in the Dark
SE21160/2012 Bitch  A/A  0/0 Multicrown
Name:                                               Reg.nr:          Sex: Hips: Elbows: Notes:                            Shows:             Bloodtracking:
Kadamo A Big Hunk o' Love
SE62009/2012 Male B/B 0/0 Exc, CQ 1st prize
SEVCH RLDN RLDF Kadamo You're the Boss
SE62010/2012 Male B/B 0/3 UAP- healed without surgery. RLDN SEVCH
Kadamo It's Now or Never
SE62011/2012 Male A/A 0/0 Export Czeck Republic CZCH, KCHRR CH
SEVCH Kadamo Devil in Disguise
SE62012/2012 Male A/A 0/0 4th Best Male SEVCH
Kadamo Big Boss Man
SE62013/2012 Male B/B 0/0 Slightly offset
SEVCH RLDN RLDF SEUCH FINCH Kadamo Bringin' It Back"Mira" SE62014/2012 Bitch A/A 0/0 RLDN RLDF SEUCH, FINCH SEVCH
Kadamo All Shook Up
SE62015/2012 Bitch A/A 0/0 Allergic, entropion
Kadamo You'll Never Walk Alone
SE62016/2012 Bitch A/A 0/0 1st prize
Name: Regnr: Sex: Hips: Elbows: Notes: Shows: Bloodtracking:
Kadamo Fire and Ice
Kadamo Playing with Fire
Male B/B 0/0 R-CAC 1st prize
Kadamo Fire It Up
Male A/A 0/0
Kadamo Is on Fire
Male A/A 0/0
Kadamo Caught on Fire 
Male A/A 0/0
Kadamo Set the World on Fire
Male A/B 0/0 1st prize
Kadamo Fire Away
Male A/A 0/0 Allergic.
Kadamo Fire in My Heart
Bitch A/A 0/0 SEVCH
Kadamo Lights My Fire
Bitch A/A 0/0
Kadamo I'm on Fire
Bitch B/B 0/0
Name: Regnr: Sex: Hips: Elbows: Notes: Shows: Bloodtracking:
Kadamo I'm In it for the Gold
Bitch C/D 0/1 NOJW-15, CAC x3 SEVCH
Kadamo All I See is Gold
Bitch B/B 0/0 Allergic to food
Kadamo Nothing But Gold
Male B/B 0/0 BIS-4 puppy, EXC
Kadamo Going for Gold
Male Export USA
Kadamo Gold Rush
Male D/D 0/1
Kadamo Digging for Gold
Male A/A 0/0 EXC, Juniorclasswinner
Kadamo Aiming for Gold
Male A/B 0/0 Allergic
Kadamo As Good as Gold
Male B/B 0/0 Allergic. Died from poisoning 15 months old