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Dexter Best Male with CAC and BOS at National Show in Avesta!

This has been one hell of an amazing weekend! Trying to not get carried away I will take one update at a time!
So first off is the results from the National dogshow in Avesta on Saturday. The breed was judged by Leni Finne, Finland and breedentry was 20.
SEJW-12 Kadamo Rob Roy "Dexter" was shown in Openclass which he won with Excellent and CQ. He was the only male at the show recieving CQ so he had an easy win in Best Male! 
His result of the day was Best male with his first Swedish CAC (finally after several R-CAC...) and later on Best Opposite Sex.
A huge happy cheer with congratulations from us to Dexter and his owners! Way to go!


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