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SEVCH Kadamo You're the Boss "Bellman" won his RLDN Diploma yesterday!

Yesterday it was time for SEVCH Kadamo You´re the Boss "Bellman" and his owner Nadine to compete in Rallyobedience Noviceclass again. The two of them did a wonderful job getting 91 points out of 100 and finished at a great 5th place!
This was their third qualifting result which gave them their RLDN Diploma/title and now the can move up to Graduateclass. Bellman is a fullbrother of my girl Mira and born in the Elvis-litter, who turns 2 years old in just one month.
Bellman was the forth of Moa's offsprings to finish a title in Rallyobedience! All those four dogs have not only titlesin rallyobedience, they are all Swedish Bloodtrackingchampions too! So multitaltented kids!
I am so proud of these talented dogs and their owners! Congratulations once again Nadine and Bellman!


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