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They are the Love of My Life!

Yesterday on Valentines Day I had a little photoshoot with all my dogs. Realized it was a while ago that I took new photos of my oldies. Recently it has been mostly puppyphotos, no wonder!
To find the best light I had to take the pictures in my bedroom and ON my bed, which my dogs are normally not allowed to be in... What I won't do for good photos!
I have updated their own albums aswell but all the photos can be seen below.

Mira is now 12 weeks old, growing steady and looking very promising! The scale showed a weight of 13,4 kg yesterday, so getting big!
We have been good this passed week with several long walks. Mira get's to go in her doggyride and she does it so well. Sitting looking out or sleeping, and of course now and then she gets out to walk, play and run a bit.
On Sunday it is time for puppyclass with all her siblings again (everyone but Elvis who lives in Czech). Really looking forward to it!


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