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I am teaching a rallyobedienceclass on Sundays where two of Moa's kids from the Elvis-litter is participating. Both "Bellman" (Kadamo You're the Boss) and "Isidor" (Kadamo Devil in Disguise) are doing great, very proud of both of them and their owners!
Love to see my puppybuyers work with their dogs! 
This Sunday I also met Moa's son "Zimba" (Kadamo Jack Daniels) from the Drinks-litter. He came to my showpractice because he will attend his very first show next weekend. Zimba has multicrowns so is not a showdog, but next weekend the big Swedish Ridgeback Speciality Show is held in Höör in Skåne and there they have a Petclass. So it will be nice to get a judgement on him, overseeing his ridgefault! 
His sister "Ebba" (Kadamo Bloody Mary) who has an overbite will also be shown there for the first time.
I can't wait, I know it will be a great weekend with great company from several Kadamo dogs and their owners!
Below are some pictures of the above boys training both for shows and rallyobedience. Enjoy!

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Yesterday "Souki" and her owners Marcus and Elin went to Sandviken for an openclass track for judge Gunilla Landell. It was over +20 degress already early in the morning and sun, and dry woods... But wonderful Souki did an amazing job and tracked beautifully, recieving her third 1st prize and topscore! This made her a New Swedish Bloodtracking Champion! SEVCH! This was the first championtitle for the Drinks-litter, hopefully more will come!
My biggest congrats to Marcus and Elin for their little Champ! Now named SEVCH Kadamo Heart Stopper!

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This passed weekend FINCH EECH EEJCH Kadamo The Girl Next Door "Myy" attended her third Lure Coursing competition and she won the whole thing! She recieved her third CQ and her first LC CAC and her first win! Her total score was 473 points and the second placed dog had 440 points, so she did great!
My biggest congratulations to Elina and Myy! Below are a few photos and a video of the final lap, Myy in blue vest on the video. 

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Jippie! Enya in confirmed pregnant! Kadamo's F-litter is baking in the oven and will see daylight around the last days of July! Can't wait to start seeing Enya's belly grow and the excitement to build up the next sex weeks!
We could see atleast around 5 puppies on todays ultrasound, perhaps there are more just hiding today. I am counting the pregnancy days from the day of the AI which means Enya is on day 21 today. But from the ultrasound we would say that she might only be on day 19-20, which just means that fertilization didn't take place until a day or two after the actuall AI. 
Enya was so calm and well behaved! She is such a sweet girl, just trust me and think lying on a table in a veterinary clinic wasn't all that bad!
So happy about this wonderful news! Moa will be a grandmother and we will have our first "true" Kadamo litter with a dog born  her as a mother! So exciting to see the second generation of Kadamo dogs being born!
For more information about the parents of the upcoming F-litter visit the planned litter page and follow Enya's pregnancy in the F-litter Diary!

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Yesterday two Kadamodogs was shown at the National Show in Avesta. First was "Dexter" SEJW-12 Kadamo Rob Roy in intermediateclass. He recieves Excellent and was placed as 2nd in the class. 
After him "Tilly" SEUCH FINCH SEVCH Kadamo Thinking of Tilley  made her debute in Championclass which she won with Excellent and CQ and she was later placed as 3rd Best Bitch! Good job both Tomas and Jaana and congratulations!

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Enya is today on day 18 of her pregnancy. Or well, we still don't know if she is pregnant! It is too early to see any signs yet... so we are waiting... and waiting... 
On Monday she is on day 21 and I will bring her with me to work to do an ultrasound and then we will know if she has little puppies growing in her belly!
Today I borrowed Enya for the day to walk with interested puppybyers. She was so happy to see my pack again, which feels great waiting for this litter! I know Enya will be happy with us during that time!
Below are a few new pictures of Enya taken today. Keep your fingers crossed for us on Monday and stay online for hopefully some good news!
To get the latest news about the upcoming F-litter visit the Pregnancy Diary!

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What an amazing weekend we have had! It all started on Friday afternoon when me and all the dogs started our long drive to Vänersborg. After 5-6 hours on the road we arrived at the showscene and camped up with Tomas, Jonny and SEJW-12 Kadamo Rob Roy "Dexter". 
We would for one night all try to fit into their mobilehome! So it was me and six ridgebacks in one 140 cm bed! Comfy!
Their had been a change in judge for Saturdays International All Breed Show and judging the puppies was Mats Jonsson. Mira was placed as Best Bitch and Best of Breed puppy!
Judging the adult ridgebacks was Nina Karlsdotter. I showed Dexter for the first time since last year and he was placed as 4th in Intermediateclass with VG.
Moa was placed as 4th in Championclass with Exc and CQ. After the breed was finished it was time for Mira to enter in BIG Best in Show puppy finals. 
It was 35 puppies present and judge was Ewa Nielsen. Mira was kept when she did her first cut where she picked out about 10 puppies. Then she started placing the puppies and when it was only the 1st place left I was very surprised to hear that the Best Puppy of the Day was the Rhodesian Ridgeback! Mira BIS-1!!!
Such a wonderful result for my little princess!

After this wonderful day we enjoyed a nice dinner in the mobilehome before I drove to the hostel where me and the dogs were spending the next night. When we arrived there both me and the dogs were happy to go to bed early after a long day!
Getting up early again on Sunday we headed to SRRS Västras Ridgeback Speciality Show in Herrljunga. Today's judge was Mr Clayton Heathcock, USA.
Mira again first out in a pretty large puppyclass with 6 bitchpuppies. Sweet little Mira won and was Best Bitch, and also won Best of Breed and BISS against my friend Patricia's bred male puppy Zipperbacks Bring it On. So happy! This meant two Best of Breed and two Best in Show for Mira this weekend! I don't think I can express how happy and proud I am of my lovely little girl!

After the puppies it was time for me and Dexter in Juniorclass. The judge only rewarded him and one other male Excellent, and the rest in the class Very good. So I was happy being placed as 2nd Best Juniormale with Exc and CQ. 
In Best Male this did not get us to a Top 4 placement, but we are still happy!
Moa showed well in Championclass and to my surprise ended up as 3rd in the class. I didn't think she would be this judge type, but I guess I was wrong!
In Best Bitch the judge started picking out his placements and to my even bigger surprise he kept me and Moa, out of the 15 something nice looking CQ bitches. Moa ended up as 3rd Best Bitch! Great way to end the day and the weekend!

But this is not all! Our lovely Czech boy Kadamo It's Now or Never "Elvis" attended his very first show, a Ridgeback Speciality Show arranged by KCHRR, judge: Tibor Havelka. He was placed as Best of Breed and BISS-puppy! That is not a bad debute in the showring!
Big congratulations to owner Sarka Stusakova, kennel Annunaki
Amazing weekend for us all! 

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Tomas and Jonny for EVERYTHING this weekend! Your company, dinner, a bed to sleep in, help taking photos at the shows and everything else! I appreciate is all soooooo much! Thank you for a great weekend!

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Today my gorgeous boy Dando turns 10 years young! I can't believe that I have had the priviligue to have this boy in my life for so long! I was only 19 years old when I bought him, and he has been a part of a lot of things in my life trough the years!
Being my first dog he has a very special place in my heart that no one will ever take from him! I love everyone of my dogs, but Dando will always be my number 1! 
Today we will celebrate Dando with lots of lots of treats! The thing Dando loves the most in life is things he can eat, so, EAT he will! 
Love you Dando!

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