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Bloodtracking success in the D-litter! Kayla, Zimba & Souki passed the aptitudetest today!

Today I went to Knivsta to cheer for three of my Drinks-litter "puppies" who was doing their aptitudetest in bloodtracking.
First out was Kadamo Fire in the Sky "Kayla" who got to track for judge Tommy Wallén. Kayla's owner Jennie has injuired her knee a while back and the other day also her back, so she has not been able to practice tracking with Kayla since the fall, and was unable to take her trough the woods today. But since Kayla is one of my breedingterm girls I of course wanted to help!
So we thought we would give the aptitudetest a try, and I am glad we did! Because she did so well, and did the 600 m track in just 14 minutes!
After she was done I met up with judge Ingvar Jansson who would judge Kadamo Jack Daniels "Zimba" and Kadamo Heart Stopper "Souki". First out was Zimba who tracked very nicely but a bit fast, finishing in only 12 minutes! 
Souki was after him being having a bit of a difficult time today in her track, but still passed tracking for almost 30 minutes.
Now these guys "only" need three 1st prizes to get their Swedish Bloodtracking Championtitle, SEVCH. Hope that they will all get it by the summer!
Congrats to all of you and good luck in Openclass!


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