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Kadamo's summary of 2023!

Another year has gone by and we have had a lot of success from Kadamodogs in different areas. We got to welcome a new litter of puppies, our Pink-litter from Tiya and Ari, all 15 of them!
With them also 15 new families to share our doglove and hobby with! 
We have had wonderful results in the showring, and I am so thankful for my puppyowners not only showing their dogs themselves but also for letting me show their dogs and travel around Scandinavia with me!

These shows has resulted in the following for SEJW-22 SEW-22 EUJW-23 NORDJW-23 NORDW-23 SEW-23 JCIB SEVCH Kadamo Can Y’ See It Now “LEO”:

- Best of Breed Junior at European Winner 2023 and BIG-3
- Best of Breed at European Winner 2023 and BIG-4
- Best of Breed Junior at Nordic Winner 2023
- Best of Breed at Nordic Winner 2023 and BIG-4
- J-CIB - International Junior Champion
- Swedish Bloodtracking Champion
#3 Top Bloodtrackingdog 2023
#3 Top Winning Ridgeback Male 2023

His sister did amazing too, SEW-23 NORDJW-23 NOJW-23 NOW-23 SEJW-22 SEW- 22 Kadamo Force of Nature "PENNY":
- Best Opposite and Swedish Winner 2023
- Best Opposite Junior at Nordic Junior Winner 2023
- Best of Breed at Norwegian Winner 2023
- Best of Breed Junior at Norwegian Junior Winner 2023
#7 Top Winning Ridgeback Bitch 2023 

This year we also got two Swedish Veteran Winners! My girl SEVW-23 CIB SEUCH NUCH FICH DKUCH EECH SEVCH RLDN RLDF LP1 Kadamo Bringin' It Back "MIRA" and her son SEVW-23 SEVCH Kadamo Always Aiming High "DJANGO". 

We have had more dogs being shown and doing so well both in their classes but in best bitch/male too. For example Kadamo Won't Let you Down "RITA" best of breed junior and J-CACIB, Kadamo Keep the Dream Alive "NADA" R-CAC and R-CACIB, Kadamo Wonderwall "DEXTER" R-CAC and SEVCH Kadamo Ariya "LEIA" R-CAC. Also our boy CH Ave Caesar Diamond Jewel of Rubi entered two shows and got 1x Best of Breed and CACIB and BIG-2.

Our fantastic sportsdog RLD N SE VCH Kadamo Live Life Like Timon "NACHO" has competed in agility and receved sticks in both agility and jumpclass, and he is:
#1 Top Agilitydog 2023
#2 Top Agilitydog 2023 
#4 Top Workingdog 2023 
#3 Top Bloodtrackingdog 2023 
#12 Top Rallyobediencedog 2023

Our next workingdogstar is Kadamo I Am Bagheera "HERA" who this year finished: 
#2 Top Obediencedog 2023 
#3 Top Workingdog 2023 

Our rallystar RLD N NW 1 Kadamo Let It Be "SAFFRAN" finished this year:
#4 Top Rallyobediencedog 2023

The list where our dogs really shine is the Bloodtracking winners list. Here are our placements this year:
#2 SEJW-22 SEW-22 EUJW-23 NORDJW-23 NORDW-23 SEW-23 JCIB SEVCH Kadamo Can Y’ See It Now “LEO”
#3 RLD N SEVCH Kadamo Live Life Like Timon "NACHO"
#3 SE VCH SE UCH NO UCH FI UCH Ave Caesar Diamond Jewel Of Rubi "MADDOX"
#9 SE VCH Kadamo Brings It Back Again "DAISY" 

In nosework we had four dogs competing this year even though they did not make the Top 10 they did well! RLD N NW 1 Kadamo Let It Be "SAFFRAN", NW 1 RLD A RLDF RLDN SEVCH Kadamo Digging For Gold "BOBA",  SEVCH Kadamo Sentra "LUNA" and SEVCH Kadamo Ariya "LEIA". 
In rallyobedience we had again RLD N SEVCH Kadamo Live Life Like Timon "NACHO" and SEVCH Kadamo Ariya "LEIA" competing even though it did not take them toto top 10. 

I have probably missed some results and I apologise for that. Thank you all for taking such great care of your dogs. I wish you a wonderful new year!

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