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No puppies yet... Mira on day 59-61!

Mira is today on day 61 counting from our first mating, and day 59 counting from our last. Because she is so big and is carrying so many puppies I expected her to have started delivering her puppies now... but no... She is doing pretty well, she is sleeping a lot which is good, she needs all the rest she can get now! And her sleeping better is good for me too... because it means that I also sleep better, even though I need to take her outside a couple of times per night it is better now than every other hour! Soon we will both be busy 24/7 anyway!
I have updated the Pregnancy and Puppy Diary with some new photos of Mira taken today.
I do hope that my next update will be with our very first puppypictures! Check back soon!




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