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Kadamo's New Rallyobedience Stars!

Yesterday it wasn't just me and Mira who made our debute in Rallyobedience. SEVCH Kadamo Penny Lane "Meya" from the Beatles-litter (Moa x Wilson) also did but at Roslagens BK. This wonderful team did great recieveing 94 points and finished at an amazing 4th place out of 33 dogs! Huge congratulations to Emma and Meya!
At the same competition Meya's brother SEVCH Kadamo All You Need is Love "Lotus" competed for the second time and he also did great recieving 79 points! This means they both achieved qualifying results! Just two more of those and they have their first Rallytitle!
I am so happy and proud to have some of Moa's kids and their owners being active working. I know I have more of you out there, and I hope you will dare to enter competitions soon aswell! 


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