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One week since Dando left us...

One week has already passed since Dando left this earth with his head resting in my lap. The first days I was in some kind of haze. I cried, a lot... I have since those first days started some kind of defence inside myself to manage my everyday life.
Until today I have hardly looked at any photos of him, I have tried to keep myself busy with just about anything, tried to avoid thinking of him...
But it doesn't work all the time. Sometimes I think he will lay there in his bed, or I think I hear him walking trough the hallway, or that it is him that I hear breathing heavy at night... But it's not.. He is not here, and that hurts.
I still know I did the right thing and that he wasn't living the life he once used to. But that still doesn't stop the feeling that I want him back! 
I want to be able to stroke his soft fur again, kiss his cheek again, look into his dark wise eyes again, but I never will. That is what makes my heart break, all those things I will never do again.
But in my heart, he will live on forever. His personality was so strong and I know his memory will be aswell. 

Below are some of the last photos I had of him in my camera, and I wanted to share some of them with you. They show some of his lovely qualties. First the safety and security for my girls as their lovely companion. Then there is that begging for treats boy, putting his paw on my foot to get my attention, drooling over those treats and those sweet eyes of his looking straight into my heart.
The final photos is of him seeing Wilson for the last time, both boys being so happy greeting eachother. The very last photo was taken the same morning as he passed away. After breakfast he got to enjoy a tasty turkeyneck which he ate with huge appetite!

I love you my boy, now and forever! Always in my heart! 


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