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Mira 5 months old tomorrow!

Tomorrow Mira and the Elvis-litter turn 5 months old! I can't believe it has already been 3 months since Mira's siblings left for their new homes. Time goes so fast! And she is not really a small puppy anymore. Now weighing a bit over 22 kg and last time I meassured her height she was 57 cm. And the biggest boy weighs over 31 kg!

Moa and Yaya was castrated one week ago, since neither one of them are having any more puppies. They have recovered very well but still needs to stay calm for another week. They are calm girls in general but now they really want to play! Not being allowed to do it for a week seems to make even them frustrated!
We have been doing some clickertraining to keep them activated. Yesterday I taught them to back up. Below is a video of Yaya and one of Mira doing it! Really good result from just one day of training I think!


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