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Our new young bloodtrackingstars passed their aptitudetest 9 months old!

My "puppies" from the F-litter (Enya x Leo) is already showing their true trackingtalents! They became 9 months old on the 27th of April and yesterday the first one of them started and passed the aptitudetest. This was stunner Kadamo Fire and Ice "Nixon" with his owner Petra.
Today two of his brothers did just aswell also passing the aptitudetest. Kadamo Set the World on Fire "Bilbo" with owner Mattias and Kadamo Playing with Fire "Zeppelin" with his owner Daniel.
I am extremely proud of these dogs for showing this much talent at such a young age, and even more proud of their owners who has trained them so well! Pretty sure this litter will have three Swedish Bloodtracking Champions before they even turn 1 year old!
Keep up the great work!


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