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Another 1st prize for Hailey!

The other day I went to Årsunda with Hailey (SEVCH Kadamo The Girl Is Mine) an started in openclass again. This was her sixth start and she has as many 1s prizes. She is such a talented trackingdog, and always get nice comments from the judges. 
This time she has a lot of disturbing things in her track... A person with a dog were out picking mushrooms and disturbed us three times. 
The judge said this was the best dog he had judged so far this year and if he had still been allowed she would have been given an Honours prize too. That has unfortunately for us been removed.
It is looking very good at the top of the Swedish ridgebackclubs bloodtracking Top 10 list! https://srrs.org/srrs/hundagaren/resultat/arets-viltsparhund




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