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Pulling, dragweight and weightpulling!

Today it was for the very first time, for Kadamo to have a day where we got to learn about Weightpuling, pulling and more in cooperation with Hundläroverket and Irene Westerholm.
There is so many different situations to use pulling with your dog, and we got a taste of some of them today!
For example walking with a waistbelt and our bodyweight as a break. The dogs was encouraged with sausages and meatballs and did very well.
Some of us also tried riding a bike with our dogs and the first step to get them used to pulling a small carrige. For me that is something I can absolutetly see my girls doing, having my daughter Ellen in the back!
At the end of the day we tried some dragweight, DW and got to see some weightpulling. This is such a good and at the same time easy way to work your dogs whole body in a controlled way.
I know my dogs loves to run off lead but I also know that that is not very good for them, because the risks for injuiries are so big. I will try to get better on working with my dogs pulling like this, walk with a backpack and other things like that.
It was really a great day and I think I speak for all of us when I say that I feel inspired to do more work like this with my dogs, because it is fun but also to keep them in shape!
Below are some mixed photos of the dogs present today working in different styles of pulling.


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