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The puppies have moved and life goes back to our new "normal"!

Our days are now changing. The puppies have now moved to their new homes and their mum Kayla has gone home aswell. Left is our little keeper Ms Red (I am still trying to pick a name for her...) and Mr Purple who I am still trying to decide where to send.
The puppies has gotten to go in my "dogride" and follow us on a couple of walks. They get some environment training when they follow us out, but don't get overexercised since they only get to play for short times as we stop.
Yesterday we took a walk to the fields near our house and today around the golfcourse. The puppies are behaving well in the dogride and loving to play in new environments. Very curious, brave and happy!
My adult dogs who is not all to happy about the puppies playing in pretty much our whole house now, does actually enjoy them a little bit when we are outside. When they have a lot of space to get away from the puppies they are ok! ;-)
And also when the puppies are tired they are ok too. So my adult dogs are absolutely warming up to the fact that we have a new family member!
It warms my heart to see them all lay together out in the sun! 


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