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Kadamo Going for Gold has arrived in his new home in Dallas, USA!

My stunning puppyboy Kadamo Going for Gold (Mr Purple) from the Gold-litter (Kayla x Idde) has now arrived at his new home all the way over in Dallas, Texas, USA.
He flew on Thursday when he was 10 weeks old to Frankfurt where he spend the night. From there he flew straight on the next day to Dallas in Texas. 
It was very hard and sad to say goodbye to him at the airport, at the same time he was handling everything so well. He got to play with his sister until the very last minute before we had to leave him. He walked straight into his cage and just sat down and didn't look bothered at all. After his long journey I recieved updates as soon as he arrived in Dallas from his new owner, Shawna Chastain, owner of kennel Vyrtuous that he had arrived safely and was doing good. Happy to be out of the cage he quickly stared to play and act like normal! So very happy to know that he handled the trip so well.
Now after being there a couple of days he is settling in well, getting to know his family aswell as the other dogs.
I am excited to follow this handsome little boy grow up and look forward to see him show off all his skills over there in the future!
Thank you to Shawna for having the faith in him and this breeding, and I wish you the best of luck for the future!
Below are some photos from the last day with his sister, playing around at the airport before his first flight and finally pictures of him with his new family as he arrived in Texas. Enjoy!


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