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Wonderful showweekend in Backamo!

On Saturday me and my daughter Tove drove to Uddevalla and found our little cabin where we were staying for the weekend. Early on Sunday we got up and drove to the Nordic Dogshow in Backamo judge Åke Cronander, SWE.
The que to get to the parkinglot was loooong, and it took us about 45 min in it to get to the showarea. Due to this delay for so many people the show had been held up so when we finally reached our ring I had to rush in with Maddox without warming up to have him judged and particiapate in the class competition. He got Excellent and won the class with CQ!
He went on to win Best male, with his first CAC and first Nordic CAC aswell. 
After him I showed Tiya in Openclass and she also recieved Excellent and was placed as 4th Best in her class. Maddox got to compete against the best bitch (Ch Sw Jw-19 NordW-19 RidgeRules RV Next Move) who won and he became BOS.
After the show me and Tove headed to Varberg were my parents has a cottage. We went with the dogs to the beach, enjoyed lunch, icecream, walking around town and by the water and finished with dinner in the harbour before driving back to our cottage. Tired dogs and child! 
On Monday it was time for the Int. Dogshow today judged by Benny Blidh Von Schedvin, SWE. It started after lunch so we took the dogs for a walk on an island we found d´not very far from the showground. We also has time for a quick bathstop in a small lake at the showground which they really enjoyed.
After that it was showtime again and Maddox once again won the Intermediateclass with Excellent and CQ. He finished 2nd Best male with R-CAC but he got the CACIB since the winner was a junior. So first CACIB was a great win to bring home!
Tiya was once again also placed as 4th Best in Openclass with Excellent. 
Saticfied with our weekend we headed back to the car, tired dogs and a very tired child... As we started to leave the parkingare a car hit us right in the side, damaging my door. The driver was unfortunately looking the other way as she drove out on the road I was on and completely missed seeing me, and I had no chance to stop or turn away. 
The damage wasn't huge, and no one got hurt. Just a bad way to end the nice weekend. Still happy with our results and it is nice to be back home with the rest of the family and all the animals!




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