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Two weekends in a row in February I had booked a doginstructor, Emma Hammar from Hundreda to come and teach me and a group of my puppybyers about Nosework. We were a total of 15 dogs and owners attending and all dogs did very well developing during the two days of training.
Nosework is a pretty new sport in Sweden and we want the dog to find a special scent that has been hidden. In the first class this scent is Euakalyptys and the competition is divided into four parts. Searching amongs containers indoors, searching indoors, searching outdoors and searching on cars.
We started this introduction with getting the dogs to find the smell in containers of different kinds. 
Thank you Emma for two great weekends and thank you to all my wonderful puppybyers who attended and had lots of fun with your dogs! Look forward to see several talented Nosework dogs in the future!
Photos by me, Freda Thimell and Emma Hammar.

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Today it was time for me and Mira to compete for the third time in Obedienceclass 1, this time in the indoor dogarena in Arninge. She started off well with full score of 10 points on laying in group and showing teeth.
The whole programme went overall well. Fore some reason our finishes/ends were not as good as normal but they were at least good enough to give us scores on every thing.
So we ended up with 175,5 points and a 1st prize! (The limit for 1st prize is 160 points). 
This was our second 1st prize and we need one more for the LP1 title. So now we need to enter to at least one more competition and hope Mira will not come into heat then!

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This past Saturday I went to Sollentuna Rackethall with two of my HIGH-litter puppies (Mira x Idde). It was the second time in the ring for Django (Kadamo Always Aiming High) and the first time for Bella (Kadamo You're My High Hope). 
Django did very well even though he thinks playing is more fun than acctually running... He was placed as Best Male puppy with Honours Prize.
I showed Bella and we had not had the change to practise before the show. Despite this I think she did very well. The two siblings are so easy going and handled the whole thing so well! Very proud of them both!
Bella is overbuilt at the moment with her tall hindlegs and looks like a real puppy... so she finished 3rd Best Bitch puppy today but still with Honours prize. 
Django finished as BOS puppy today and with more practise and growing these two youngsters will do great in the future!

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Last weekend the sun was acctually shining for a short period of time when I was acctually outside! It feels like it has only done it when I am working lately... But now me and the dogs were able to go for a nice walk on the golfcourse behind our house and I could start testing my new cameralense. Hopefully I will get more opportunities soon. But now we got snow again!

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I have recieved some lovely new photos of 1-year old Boba from my Gold-litter (Kayla x Idde) who lives with his owner Freda in Småland. 
Thank you, as always I love the pictures you take of this prescious boy!

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I recently decided to upgrade my camera. I have always loved taking pictures, especially of dogs and have had nice cameras before. But now, well I decided to really invest in this hobby and passion of mine. 
So a new camera (Canon EOS 6D) and two new lenses. Hopefully I will have many opportunities to become a good photographer!
Below are some new photos of my pack taken when we were obediencetraining in the garage the other day. Enjoy!

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Today it was time for Mira and my second competition in Obedicenclass 1. For the first time we competer at a stable and I have been a bit nervous about this, that all the horsesmells would distract her.
But I have had the opportunity to practice in similar environment twice and she has done so well, so the smells was not a problem.
We started with laying in group. Mira was between a German shepard and a Boxer. Both of these dogs moved, either crawled or walked away. But despite this Mira stayed so I was very happy with her 10 points there!
Also checking teeth went well and another 10 points.
When it was our turn for the programme she felt good as we got in but within seconds it went downhill. Looking at the video I think is looks like she is trying to make a bigger distance between her and the judge, walking a little bit behind me past them. 
After that her focus and eyecontact was nowhere near what it is supposed to be, but did expect something better than 0...
Second thing to do was lay down during heal and well... she didn't... not until the second time I commanded her but that gave us another 0...
After this things at least got better... Recall went well and she got a 9, standing during heal a 7,5, fetch a 9, jump 8 and overal impression a 7.
Well, I know we can do a lot better, but still I am pleased with her/our overall performance. New competition in two weeks!
Somehow we did manage to end up as 7th Best of the day, 13 dogs present. So we did not do the worst performance of the day!

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When Mira won Best of Breed at the Winter Cup Shows in Narva she got a free Best of Breed photo with their photographer and I have now recieved these by email.
Always fun to have to remember our wonderful and successful weekend in Estonia!

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On Thursday afternoon me and Therese got onto the ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn in Estonia with our dogs Mira (SEUCH FINCH RLDN RLDF SEVCH Kadamo Bringin' It Back) and Zeppelin (Kadamo Playing with Fire).
We arrived in Tallinn on Friday before lunch and took the dogs for a walk around the Old Town before starting our drive towards Narva.
Once there we found our hotel and took a walk on the beach. Unfortunately cloudy, windy and pretty cold so no photos from there.
On Saturdaymorning we headed for the Narva Winter Cup and first day of showing. Todays judge was Mr. Giuliano Biasolo, Italy.
Zeppelin won the openclass  with Excellent and CQ and finished 2nd Best Male behind the Championclasswinner. Unfortunately this dog was not Estonian Champion so he got the CAC that we hoped Zeppelin would get...
I showed Mira in Championclass and she won with CQ and also placed Best Bitch, with the CAC needed for her Estonian Championtitle!
Mira also went on and became Best of Breed and we stayed 6 hours (!!!) and participated in the finals. It turned out to be worth it because Mira ended up as BIG-2 only beaten by the Dalmatian.
Her critique today:
"Very nice bitch. Good head, good body with correct topline and croup. Good chest, good bone and feet, fore and hindquarters correct, good movement."

After the show we had a nice dinner before driving back to our hotel. After a good night sleep we were back at the show for the second day. Judge today was: Mr Milivoje Urosevic, Serbia.
Zeppelin did not get CQ any neither did any other male today, so no Best Male or CAC given. I again showed Mira in Championclass and she got CQ and also placed as Best Bitch and thereby also Best of Breed.
We had a ferry to catch so we did not stay for the finals this day. 

Mira's critique:
"Scissor bite, correct head, good ears elegant neck. Good topline, correct ridge, free moving."

I am very happy with Mira's results from the weekend, just wished that Zeppelin would have gotten his CAC too. Now we just have to go back again with him and then also bring Koya!
After the show we drove around Narva and visited the Narva museum, the old fort overlooking the border to Russia. After that we headed back towards Tallinn and our ferry.
We enjoyed a nice buffé at the ferry and then spend the rest of the evening relaxing in our cabin.
Thank you once again Therese for your nice company on this trip! I really hope it is Zeppelins turn to win next time we go somewhere!

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