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New photos of the Kadamo pack!

A few days ago I took my camera with me on one of our daily walks to get some new photos of my lovely dogpack. Our life is a little bit different now with Dando showing more and more signs of getting older and me getting heavier with my pregnant belly.
Dando has lost a lot of strength and function in his backlegs so now he can only go for short walks and if possible not during the day when it is warm outside.
So now I try to take just the girls with me to the woods at least once a day for a longer walk so they can still get some energy out of their systems!
I have stopped working now having only about 3 weeks left until I am expected to give birth. I enjoy being at home with the dogs being able to have their company all day long!
Below are mixed photos of the dogs, their own pages has also been updated!


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