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Mira passed her aptitudetest and Kayla recieved a 1 st prize in Bloodtracking today!

Today we woke up to grey and rainy weather... But it didn't matter, we had a busy day ahead of us which the rain could not stop.
I packed all the puppies and Mira into the car and headed towards Odensala and Märsta. Our first stop was meeting Jennie with Kayla (Kadamo Fire in the Sky) and bloodtracking judge Ingvar Jansson. 
Mira and I was starting in the aptitudetest, and she passed it! She did a good job, got a little bit disturbed and lost focused a couple of times, but other than that loosing us some time she worked very well.
Kayla and Jennie started in Openclass for the very first time and Kayla the natural talent did wonderful and recieved a 1st prize! Only needs two more for her Championtitle!

After this I drove to the vetclinic were I work extra and it was time for all the puppies to have their healthcheck, vaccination and ID-chip. All puppies behaved so well and had a blast running around. Unfortunately I had forgotten to charge my camera battery so no pictures...
All 10 puppies were healthy, NO kinked tails, NO bitefaults, NO DS, ALL boys has both testicles. No other faults! SOOOO happy and proud of this litter!

This weekend they all move to their new homes, except Mr Yellow who stays a couple of days extra. It will be so empty here when they are all gone... Mira will be so sad, she has absolutely LOVED playing with them.  
I have mixed feelings about them leaving, as always. They are more demanding now and needs a lot more attention than I can give them in this small space, but at the same time they are so sweet and cuddly when they are tired, and then I just feel like keeping them all!


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