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Happy 10th Birthday to my A-litter!

Today is a BIG day for me. Exactly 10 years ago my very first litter was born. I had the opportunity to borrow my bitch Moa's sister Fendi (SEVCH Hamnuddens Fendi) for my very first litter. We picked Swedish male Bosco (SEUCH SEVCH Zaxxon's Prince Bosco) to sire the litter, and the two of them really completed eachother.
We had 12 gorgeous puppies. I remember their delivery like it was yesterday. I remember Ms Orange (Gaya) being stuck and getting her out with the help and tips from our nanny Lotta. It was my first puppybirth and it was wonderful. Each and every puppy put their stamp on my heart and will always keep that place.
Standing here on their 10th Birthday I wished that they would all still be alive and with us to celebrate this day, but unfortunately six of them has left us to soon. So today our angels Leya, Gaya, Chanel, Buster, Dayo and Charlie are with us in our thoughts and hearts. Alive and still doing well is Shila, Myy, Ramoz, Vidar and Boston. Our German export Jenna was rehomed and after that I have no idea how she is, but hoping she is still out there!
I have recieved some recent photos of some of our birthday dogs, thank you for that! 

This summer I will celebrate 10 years as a breeder together with many of my fantastic puppies and their owners! I am so happy to stand here 10 years later and still love it as much as I did then! 
Big kisses to my Birthday puppies! Lots of love from the bottom of my heart!




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