Ave Caesar Diamond Jewel by Rubi "Maddox"

Maddox was born in a litter of 8, 4 males and 4 bitches, all blacknosed and ridged.
He comes out of two gorgeous parents with a very strong pedigree. I have high hopes for him bringing lots of good things to my kennel in future. He spend his first year cared for by Carin and Christian and their three children, aswell as bigbrother Ridgeback Kadamo This is It "Nelson". 
At the age of 13 months he moved in with us and our pack and will stay here as long as it works with our other male and the girls.
Due to Covid he has not been to any dogshows. We of course hope this will change during 2021.

Maddox BPH-test:

D.O.B: 2020-02-02
Sex: Male
Sire: MultiCh BISS-17 Ave Caesar Drive I'm Yours to Keep "Royce"
Dame: Multi Ch Elangeni Friends in Hi Places "Rubi"
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Weight: 42 kg
Height: 66,5 cm
Dental status: Fullset correct bite
JME- Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy - N/N - clear
DM - Degenerative Myelopathy - N/N (exon 2) - clear
Hemophilia B (factor IX) - X/N)/Y - clear
Hemophilia A (factor VIII) - X(N)/Y - clear
D-locus D1 (dilution) - N/N
B-locus (liver) bd: N/N, bc: N/N, bs: N/bs
Laboklin STR DNA profile
Bloodtracking: Swedish Bloodtracking Champion 
Swedish Show Champion
Norwegian Show Champion
Best Male, CAC, CACIB, Nordic CAC
Breeder: Elena & Willy Johansson, Ave Caesar
Owner: Karin Wolgast Fürst





Kennel Jaroma Highridge - Netherlands - more info
Dame: DUTCH GERMAN CH INT CH Ohiniya Legendary Kissing Art "Madam"
Puppies born 2021-11-02
11 puppies, 6 females and 5 males. One male (ridgeless) was unfortunately stillborn after C-section. Left is 6 females (3 ridgeless) and 4 males (1 ridgeless). 


Kennel Kadamo - Sweden - more info
Dame: SEVCH Kadamo Comin' Home "Tiya"
Puppies born 2022-02-19
15 puppies 9 males (1 ridgeless and 1 singlecrown, 7 correct, 1 stillborn) 6 females (1 ridgeless,  1 short ridge and 4 correct). 


Kennel Marindy - Australia 
Dame: Beglory Overflowing Hearts "Zia"
Puppies born 2023-05-17
5 puppies, 2 males and 3 females.  (2 correct 2 ridgeless 1 singlecrown)

Planned litter 2023

Kennel Lustjakten - Sweden - more info
Dame: SEVCH Utblickens Briljanta Bele "Spira"


2-3 years old:

1-2 years old:

0-6 months old: