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I am so excited to announce the plans for my upcoming F-litter. For the very first time I will be able to breed on a girl born at the kennel. This girl is Enya (SEVCH Kadamo Ain't She Sweet) from my Beatles-litter. She is expected to come into heat and be mated in April or May, with puppies at Kadamo this summer!
Read more about these puppyplans under Planned F-litter.

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Happy 1st Birthday to all my wonderful puppies in the Drinks-litter today! My sweet puppies are becoming adults! Time really flies! 
Can't wait to see what this year will bring for all of you!  I hope you have a wonderful day and get spoiled with tasty treats and lots of presents today!

Sending some extra love to our princess Ms Purple who we only had with us for three days, never forgotten!
I hope to see all of you on Sunday for our Kadamo Get-together!

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Yesterday the sun was shining, for the first time in weeks! I have waited sooo much for this! Of course I grabbed my camera and headed out for a couple of hours outside!
I met up with Johanna and Wilson for a walk, but first she helped me to take a new groupphoto of me and my pack! With our newest packmember Mira it was time for an updated photo!
After that we went on a walk, not as long as we have been recently, today was not about walking, it was about taking pictures!
Mira is growing so fast now and I really want to have some nice puppyphotos of her, and it hasn't been that inspiring up until now, since we have had just snow, grey and cold weather. Not the best conditions for good pictures, so now I took my chance!
After this nice start of the day we went to Hundöarna in the afternoon and met with Dexter, Souki and Tilly for some playing. 
A good opportunity for Mira to meet several dogs of different breeds, sizes and ages. She did so well, so curious and brave interacting with all the dogs so well! I was very proud!

Below are some of the photos from our wonderful day in the sun, enjoy!

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My broodbitch Kayla (Kadamo Fire in the Sky) from the D-litter has spend a couple of weeks with me and my pack. Her owner has fallen and injuired her knee and is unable to take her out for walks. So I have spend a couple of weeks in Stockholm so she has been able to live with me.
Some new photos of Kayla can be seen on her own page, click on her name above.
Kayla is now 11 ½ months old, so not long until the D-litter (Moa x Argos) turns 1 year old!
She is a sweet girl that really has melted in to my pack easily. At home I don't really notice her, except for a little less room on the couch and sometimes in my bed... and some disappearing food... 
She enjoy to play with little sister Mira aswell as her relatives and kennelbuddys during our walks. 
Since the puppies moved away a little bit more than one month ago I have started to really go for longer walks again, mostly to get my dogs back into shape, but also for me.
We have the privilegue to have almost daily company for our walks at daytime, mostly from Louise with Thea and Luna, Johanna and Wilson or Camilla with Enya and Zeus. We are up to walking close to 10 km everyday! (Of course not the puppies...)

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Yesterday it was time for puppyclass again with the E-litter now 12 ½ weeks old. All the puppies and their owners was there (except for our Czech boy Elvis). So nice to see them all together, and they seem to really enjoy these get togethers too.
They are all very attentive to their owners and I have to say that I am impressed on how well they work with their owners, despite distractions from eachother aswell as their young age.
Who knows, we might have some future obedience and rallyobedience starts in this litter?!

Below are some new attempts of stacks of the whole bunch aswell as photos from our training.

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Yesterday on Valentines Day I had a little photoshoot with all my dogs. Realized it was a while ago that I took new photos of my oldies. Recently it has been mostly puppyphotos, no wonder!
To find the best light I had to take the pictures in my bedroom and ON my bed, which my dogs are normally not allowed to be in... What I won't do for good photos!
I have updated their own albums aswell but all the photos can be seen below.

Mira is now 12 weeks old, growing steady and looking very promising! The scale showed a weight of 13,4 kg yesterday, so getting big!
We have been good this passed week with several long walks. Mira get's to go in her doggyride and she does it so well. Sitting looking out or sleeping, and of course now and then she gets out to walk, play and run a bit.
On Sunday it is time for puppyclass with all her siblings again (everyone but Elvis who lives in Czech). Really looking forward to it!

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I recieved a bunch of lovely photos of Bosse (Kadamo Big Boss Man) from the E-litter, soon 12 weeks old. Very happy to see that I have such talented puppyowners, who takes such great photos of their dogs!

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Today Moa and Yaya had their second swimming session. They knew exactly what was happening as we walked in the doors at the dogpool, Kurvans Hundhälsa in Kungens Kurva.
Moa is an excellent swimmer and gets a lot of praise from the owner of the pool. She works really hard and uses her whole body as she swims.
It's the perfect complement to our normal long walks for her now after her final litter. Great way to get her back into good shape again!
The first three times we are there we have herthe owner with us before I will start swimming them on my own.
All my dogs has swam in dogpools before which shows, they are doing great and knows the routines. Yaya tried three times to jump into the pool with Moa today, balancing on the poolside... Silly girl. 
She did well once it was her turn aswell, even though she swims more calm than Moa. Yaya is in false pregnancy now so I hope this exercise will help her a little.

Now they are sleeping happily after a good swim, stretching session and a couple of hours with their Back on Track coats on.

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I have recived some great photos from my "pups" in Sandviken. With the Lindström family lives "Charlie" SEVCH Kadamo Don't Mess with Texas from my A-litter and "Haley" Kadamo A Hero in Halifax from the C-litter.
They recently had a visit from  "Souki" Kadamo Heart Stopper from the D-litter and they all seem to have gotten along great! So enjoy the lovely winterphotos of them all below!

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Last night I met up with the E-litter for the first time since they moved to their new families about 2 ½ weeks ago. It was just great seeing them again! It was only Bosse and Elvis not present. 
It is so wonderful to see the puppies reactions when they see me again, I think Jackie was the one who was the happiest to get to kiss me again! Almost crawling out of her own skin of happiness!
All the puppies did really well with all the exercises, to good job to all the owners! You have worked well with them!
Look forward to see all of you again in two weeks!
Some new stacks below of the present puppies 10 ½ weeks old and some mixed photos from the practice.

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Today I had a little photoshoot with Mira at home. She is now 10 ½ weeks old and and tonight it is time for her and her siblings first puppyclass.
Can't wait to see them again! The latest photos of Mira below!

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Nu söker Nils (Kadamo Roll With It) ett nytt hem utanför storstan. Nils är en korrekt okastrerad hane på 2 år som vill bo i ett lugnt område gärna på landet med en trygg och hunderfaren ägare. 
Läs mer om honom HÄR.

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Bergahundar Uppsala med hinderbana/biathlon, canicross, drag, SUP, vandring och stretching/massage.

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