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Just an ordinary day!

This week I am back in Stockholm catching up on things I haven't been able to do in Vadstena. Of course I had to meet up with Louise, Thea (SEVCH Kadamo Rare As Ryley) and little Luna (Kadamo You'll Never Walk Alone). We normally walk together almost every week, and now with both of us having a puppy from the E-litter we have to adjust in the same way.
To do this we have both bought a dogstroller. So now we can still go for long walks and take the little puppies with us. They get to ride in their strollers and now and then get out to play.
We had our first walk together today and it worked really well. Unfortunately it was raining a bit so not the most fun weather. But the dogs didn't seem to mind, and the puppies enjoyed playing in the woods.
Some photos of the pack below! Also one photo of Moa from today. It is now 10 weeks since she gave birth to the E-litter, her third litter. She stopped nursing them with milk 4 weeks ago and they moved away only 2 weeks ago.
She will start some indoor swimming again on Monday to help her get back into shape!


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