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Mira 3rd place and Meya new RLDF-title today at Rallyobedience in Norsborg!

Today it was time to compete in Rallyobedience Graduateclass again. For me and SEVCH RLDN Kadamo Bringin' It Back "Mira" it was our second start and we drove to Norsborg and had the lovely company of Emma and Mira's halfsister SEVCH RLDN Kadamo Penny Lane "Meya" from the Beatles-litter (Moa x Wilson).
Both our girls did well in the lovely warm weather and they both passed and got qualifying runs! Meya got 83 points, finished on 6th place and this also gave her her new title RLDF- Rallyobedience Diploma Graduateclass! Well done and congratulations Emma!
Mira recieved 89 points which took her all they way to a 3rd place total out of 15 dogs. The winner had 93 points, so not to far away!
Very proud of these two lovely and talented daughters of my queen Moa!
Below you can see videos of both our runs aswell as some photos of the girls. Enjoy!

Me and Mira:

Emma and Meya:


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