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Yesterday Colin turned 2 years old and I guess I can now call this gorgous young boy a grown up! Not sure he will ever really act like one though, with his goofy and playful personality!
Below are some mixed photos that I took of him during our trip to Norway two weeks ago.

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This past weekend NORDUCH EECH SEJW-12 Kadamo Rob Roy "Dexter" was on Saturday placed as 4th Best Male and Kadamo Nothing But Gold "Argos" was on Sunday placed as 3rd Best male with R-CAC. Well done both boys!

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On Saturday it was time for the annual Kadamo Mästerskapen in Bloodtracking. It was 7 dogs competing this year and they all did great. Five of them recieved 1st prizes and this years winner was Isabel with SEVCH Kadamo Bloody Mary "Ebba" from the D-litter (Moa x Argos). The 2nd place went to Nadine and K

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This weekend me and Colin drove to Lillehammer in Norway to attend two shows. Day 1 was the small RR-Speciality show judged by Rune Brunberg-Johansen. Colin was placed as Best male with CAC and BOS!
Day 2 was the International Show judged by Jelena Kruus, and once again Colin was placed as Best Male with the large CAC needed for the Championtitle aswell as CACIB.
Now we just wait until he turns 2 years old in less than two weeks and then we will start the "hunt" for that final CAC. When he completes it he will automatically complete the showchampiontitle for both Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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Today Petra took her handsome and lovely boy Clinton to Askersund and today it was their turn to be on the right side of the "line"! Clinton was placed as 2nd Best Male with his last CAC which finally gave him the Swedish aswell as the Finnish Showchampiontitle!
He is now SEUCH FIUCH NOJW-16 Kadamo I Am High Quality! My biggest congratulations to his owner and handler for achieving this with this boy who soon turns 3 years old!
Very proud also so say that this is Mira's (CIB NORDUCH EECH SEVCH RLDN RLDF LP1 Kadamo Bringin' It Back) first showchampion offspring!

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On Friday SEVCH RLDN RLDF Kadamo All You Need is Love "Lotus" from my Beatles-litter (Moa x Wilson) was put to sleep. During the last few months I have followed him and his owner fight off healthissues but in the end, they showed to be to much... Lotus had some form of cancer that most likely started in his prostate and spread to his lungs and what we think also somewhere in his skeleton causing him pain.
I want to say a very big thank you to Lillemor and Hasse for doing everything they could for him, but also thank you for being strong in the end making the decision that was best for him.
Sweet Lotus, you will always be in our hearts!

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Today it was time for the International Dogshow Stoxa in Stockholm. Breedentry 31 and judge was Arja Koskelo, FIN. 
I showed Colin in intermediateclass which he won with EXC and CQ, but later unplaced in Best male. 
NOJW-16 Kadamo I Am High Quality "Clinton" recieved VG and finished 3rd in Openclass.
I also shoed youngster SEVCH Kadamo Brings It Back Again "Daisy" for the first time in intermediateclass. She won the class with EXC and CQ, went on to win Best Bitch with her 2nd CAC, first CACIB and she was Best Opposite!
Thank you for the photos Olle (owner of Daisy) and for watching Esther and Tove for me when I was in the ring!

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Nu söker Nils (Kadamo Roll With It) ett nytt hem utanför storstan. Nils är en korrekt okastrerad hane på 2 år som vill bo i ett lugnt område gärna på landet med en trygg och hunderfaren ägare. 
Läs mer om honom HÄR.

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