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Penny Swedish Winner for the third year in a row aswell as new Swedish and Norwegian Champion!

Wow! I can not start this post with any other word! Sweet little "Penny" who is actually now named SEW-24 SEW-23 SEW-22 SEJW-22 NOW-23 NOJW-23 NORDJW-23 SEUCH NOUCH Kadamo Force of Nature, was for the third year in a row picked out as the best ridgeback bitch at the Swedish Winner Show! And she is only 2 years and 4 months old!

This weekend started on Friday when me and Tosca picked up Penny and drove towards Varberg. Of course with my luck with cars we had a break down about half way there.... Luckily we got towed and got some help so after about 1,5 hours we could continue our drive. 
We arrived late but got some sleep before Saturdays Swedish Winner Show. 
At the show we met up with Pennys brother SEW-23 EUJW-23 NORDJW-23 NORDW-23 SEJW-22 SEW-22 CIB-J SEVCH SEUCH FINCH NOUCH DKUCH Kadamo Can Y' See It Now  "Leo" and hos owner Malin. 
The breed was judged by Marie Gadolin, SWE. Leo was first in the ring in Championclass where he finished 2nd with EXC and CQ. He placed 3rd Best male with R-CACIB. 
Then it was my girl Kadamo A Million Dreams "Toscas" turn in juniorclass where she got VG and placed 4th. 
After her big sister Penny in a big openclass which she won with EXC and CQ. She went all the way to Best Bitch with CAC and CACIB making her Swedish Winner 2024 aswell as Swedish Champion and Norwegian Champion! She finished Best Opposite sex. 
What a wonderful day!

On Sunday the breed was judged by Elina Haapaniemi, FIN. Leo again first out in Championclass finishing 3rd in the class and 4th Best Male. 
Tosca got another VG and Penny was 4th in Openclass with EXC. So not as exciting results but still a lovely day around the ring. 
Thank you Malin Ström for letting me bring Penny to these shows and adventures. I can't wait for next year when she will be the mother to Kadamo's next litter!
And as always, thank you Malin Gregebo for your fabolous company once again! 




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