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Last showday in Sandefjord!

Third day of dogshows in Sandefjord, Norway. Judge was Stanley Wei Jie Shen, Singapore and breed entry 60+.
Leo was today shown in intermediateclass for the first time, which he won with EXC and CQ. But no placement in Best male today.
Penny was also shown in Intermediate for the first time and she finished 2nd with EXC and CQ: Tiya also placed nicely 2nd with EXC and CQ in openclass, but neither her or Penny got any placement in Best Bitch.

After she show we headed down to the water and took some photos of our lovely juniors and some of the ribbons that they won this weekend. So proud of them both. Not only for their great results, but also for handling these long days and intense environment so well. It has been a pleasure to travel with them, and Tiya has been so happy to have her big kids to play with.

Here is a summary of the results we got this weekend: 

SEJW-22 SEW-22 EUJW-23 NORDJW-23 NORDW-23 Kadamo Can Y’ See It Now ”Leo”
- Nordic Winner 2023
- Nordic Junior Winner 2023
- Nordic CAC
- Nordic JCAC
- Norwegian CAC
- Best of Breed
- BIG-4
SEJW-22 SEW-22 NOJW-23 NOW-23 NORDJW-23 Kadamo Force of Nature ”Penny”
- Norwegian Junior Winner 2023
- Norwegian Winner 2023
- Nordic Junior Winner 2023
- Norwegian CAC
- Nordic R-CAC
- Norwegian R-CAC
- Best of Breed
- 2nd Best Bitch
SEVCH Kadamo Comin’ home ”Tiya”
- EXC 2nd with CQ openclass
- EXC 3rd in openclass
- EXC 4th in openclass




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