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Presenting our keeper Tosca!

In our latest litter the Pink-litter from our girl SEVCH Kadamo Comin' Home "Tiya" and VDH CH Club Elsa CH Shumbazino Fifth Star Arminius "Ari" I decided to keep a bitchpuppy at home. I had a very hard time choosing since I had 7 correct puppies to choose from. After a few weeks I was able to narrow it down a bit and in the end my heart and mind decided on Ms Bordeaux. She has a sweet face, very similar to mum Tiya and a nice frontassembly. I hope she will develop well and that we will have lots of fun together in the future!
So far she is fitting in with the family very well. She is so well behaved and easy going, making our puppytime easy. She sleeps in our bed through the whole night, comes with me to work and just sleeps when I am not there to play or walk her. She is most of the time very good with the kids and comes along on most of the things we do.
Brave and curious and just very relaxed, fun to work with so far and likes her snuggles. More info and pictures of her can be found on her own page. In the pedigree her name is Kadamo A Million Dreams (named by a Pink-song) but we will call her Tosca!




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