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Kadamo's G-litter in the making!

Finally this journey has begun! If all goes according to plan our G-litter will be born around January 20th 2015! We have 9 longs weeks, 63 long days of exciting wait ahead of us!
Are you interested in a puppy from this litter? read more bout the parents SEVCH Kadamo Fire in the Sky "Kayla" and SEUCH DKUCH SEVCH Mankoya's Incredible Idde by Gambo "Idde" under Planned litter 2015.
Inquiries welcome at karin@kadamo.se.

This past weekend Kayla starting to act flirty to the dogs that we had as company on our walks. At home she was not showing any signs of being in her "peak" days of her heat. On Sunday I did notice that the blood was looking like it should around mating which got me a bit stressed out, she was only on day 10 of her heat. I have mated my previous bitches around day 15-16 if I remember correctly. 
So Monday morning I took a bloodtest and drove to the Animal hospital to get it analyzed. I went straight to my own workout where I later got a message from the veterinary that her progesteronelevel was 36 nmol/l (!!!!) This means that she had been ovulating probably Saturday or Sunday and was most definetely ready for mating.
So I rushed home and packed the car, left Moa and Yaya with my friend Elin (THANK YOU) and set off towards Gothenburg with myself, my daughter Ellen, Kayla and Mira (who also is in heat at the moment...). 
We arrived in the evening arpund 6.30 pm and thanks to my friend Ann-Sophie we got to borrow an indoor traininghall where we could let Kayla and Idde get to know eachother.
First, the got to meet eachother outside and they seem to hit it off right away so we took them indoors and let them loose to play.
And they did so well together, They played, flirted, kissed and behaved like proffessionals even though this was their very first mating.
But... we did not get a mating... They were extremely close several times, but their aiming wasn't perfect and after about three hours (of course with breaks for them) we gave up for the evening.
Idde's owner were so kind to offer me to stay with them so the Kayla and Idde got to see eachother first thing in the morning. They had another good attempt but after that they didn't seem to be as interested anymore. Tired or perhaps Kayla's heat had progressed so much so it was now too late?
Since I really did not want to miss out on this litteroppertunity now I decided to try to find a veterinary who could help us to do and AI. Luckily I found one, Johanna Mattsson at Göteborgs Djurklinik. 
So we went there, emptied Idde and checked his semen which was of good quality, then checked Kayla who was in a good place in her heat for AI, and it was done.
Unlike what I am used to this was only done vaginal, and not put into the uterus. I hope and pray that this will work. The two of them are such a great couple and I have so much hope in this litter.
So keep your fingers crossed that we within about 3-4 weeks will get some positive news during an ultrasound!
Until then, we can only wait!
Below are a little album of photos of Kayla and Idde from the attempts of mating. They really clicked and liked each other!
Thank you again Malin and Daniel for EVERYTHING! Idde is such a wonderful and sweet boy and I am happy that I got to spend some time with him. 


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