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Mira has started her tracking career!

Finally the snow has melted from some parts of the woods and I have been able to start some tracking with Mira.
We started last week with a hoof from a wildboar. We did one track three days in a row, first one about 50 meters and the last one about 100 meters. I don't use blood in the beginning, I only drag the hoof behind me, and the first tracks are pretty much straight without angles.
She really likes the hoof to carry it and chew on it, but her first track went just ok. She found a lot of animal poo and other things to smell exept for the track too, she found her way but not in a focused way.
Second day and second track she showed a big improvement. She now knew what to do and tracked in a good speed all the way to the end.
Third day and third track I did a bit longer and it was a very windy day. But she did very well! She kept her head higher from time to time, so her tracking behaviour showed that she had to work trough the wind. 
After this we took a few days break from tracking to let it all sink in. And today it was time again. This time I used a hood from a roedeer instead of a wildboar, which was the first time for her. 
The track was about 100-150 meters with two angles. She worked really well again today, at at some parts of the track really focused in a fast speed! 
If she continues like this I will have to start pushing the break! She will have me running trough the woods!
Below you can see some photos of her with her hoofs and also a short video from the last part of todays track! Enjoy!


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