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Kayla in the house!

My broodbitch Kayla (Kadamo Fire in the Sky) from the D-litter has spend a couple of weeks with me and my pack. Her owner has fallen and injuired her knee and is unable to take her out for walks. So I have spend a couple of weeks in Stockholm so she has been able to live with me.
Some new photos of Kayla can be seen on her own page, click on her name above.
Kayla is now 11 ½ months old, so not long until the D-litter (Moa x Argos) turns 1 year old!
She is a sweet girl that really has melted in to my pack easily. At home I don't really notice her, except for a little less room on the couch and sometimes in my bed... and some disappearing food... 
She enjoy to play with little sister Mira aswell as her relatives and kennelbuddys during our walks. 
Since the puppies moved away a little bit more than one month ago I have started to really go for longer walks again, mostly to get my dogs back into shape, but also for me.
We have the privilegue to have almost daily company for our walks at daytime, mostly from Louise with Thea and Luna, Johanna and Wilson or Camilla with Enya and Zeus. We are up to walking close to 10 km everyday! (Of course not the puppies...)


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