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Kadamo's Wall of Fame!

When I started as a breeder 6 years ago I had hopes to produce litters with dogs that would be perfect familydogs and companions. I wanted them to be healthy, with good temperaments and of course gorgeous to look at.
I always wish to find homes that will bring out the best in each dog and give them a loving and active life.
Myself, I love dogtraining and competing, even if I have bad competitionnerves I like to have a goal to work for and achieve good results with my dogs, no matter in what kind of dogsport we are active in.
I am so happy to see that I have been able to inspire several of my puppybuyers to compete with their dogs in dogshows, bloodtracking, rallyobedience, agility, lure coursing and obedience.
To give a special honour to these talented dogs and owners from Kadamo I have finally completed my own "WALL OF FAME"-page.
On this page I have gathered all the dogs from my breeding who, together with their owners have managed to complete titles in differents dogsports. 
My goal is of course for this page to just get longer and longer and fill up with more and more dogs!
So want to check out Kadamo's stars?! Visit our Wall of Fame!


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