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Photoshoot with Moa!

Three weeks ago Moa got sick very fast. She was very tired, had a fever and her heartrate was higher. I took her to work and did bloodtests and X-rays late in the evening. She had an infection and bad function in her liver, and we also found a livertumour the day after when we did an ultrasound. We started treatment for the infection and fever, and we got her feeling a lot better. When she was her worst I was afraid that she would not make it many days. So I was so relieved when she responded to her treatment.
She is now three weeks in, she is back to her normal self since the past two weeks. Her infection is gone for now, and some bloodwork for her liver is better, but still, she has a tumour in her liver... We have been to an onkologist for a second ultrasound and unfortunately the tumour is located in the middle of the liver, so there is no way to treat it or remove it. So for now, I try to just live and enjoy the present, since I don't know for how long I will get to have her with me.
I am just happy that she is still here, and despite the tumour feeling good. She doesn't seem to know that she is sick, and that is most important!
Moa is so special to me, not only is she the second dog I bought, only 22 years old. But she is the dog that really got me into breeding. She is the mother of 3 litters, grandmother to 4 litters and greatgrandmother to 1 litter here at Kadamo in Sweden. Out in the world there is even more wonderful grand and greatgrandkids of hers! 
So she sure has made an impact not only on my life, but on the life of all those dogowners who has a small piece of her at home.
Now, let's hope she can stay feeling this good for a long time! I know she is already old, 2 years and soon 2 months old. But I can't help but want to keep her around for longer. Her body is still strong! And her mind is too <3




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