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Kadamo Get-Together and Puppyclass!

Today I had a lovely day with a bunch of my puppies from my B, C, D and E-litter. All puppies but two were Moa's kids! So wonderful to see my princess in her gorgeous kids!
We were so lucky to have a day with blue skys and sunshine! A bit windy but not to bad. Not very far from where we were they had a snowstorm so glad it never came to us!
After a couple of hours out walking some of us with puppies from the E-litter had some lunch before having our final puppyclass.
I am really proud of all the puppies doing so great in puppyclass! They are all so attentive and wonderful with their owners! 
I am sure these dogs will turn out just great with some help and training from their owners!
Thank you all for coming, hope to see all of you (and of course all of you who couldn't come today) very soon!


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