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Birthdaywalk with the E-litter!

Today I had a little Birthdayparty walk  in Vinterviken for the Elvis-litter who turned 1 year old last Friday. They are eight in the litter and five were able to come. Of course our Czech boy Kadamo It's Now or Never "Elvis" couldn't be here, and today not his brother Kadamo Big Boss Man "Bosse" and sister Kadamo All Shook Up "Jackie" who we missed.
But the rest of the siblings had a good day with a lot of playing and of course a little photosession. After two hours outside in the cold we enjoyed some hot chocolate and sandwishes indoors.
Thank you all for a great day and see you again soon!

Below are photos of:
Kadamo A Big Hunk o' Love "Attila"
Kadamo You're the Boss "Bellman"
Kadamo Devil in Disguise "Isidor"
Kadamo You'll Never Walk Alone "Luna"
SEVCH RLDN Kadamo Bringin' It Back "Mira"


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