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Today I am happy to be able to present the studdog I decided to use for my upcoming M-litter. Since things made me have to change male I am very happy to I got the opportunity to use this handsome and lovely boy from Germany, Akono Nayoma Lajaani Spencer "Spencer".
Segra was today inseminated with his fresh semen, so now we will keep our fingers crossed that is was successful and that we will have puppies in about 9 weeks.
Follow the latest updates in the M-litter Pregnancy & Puppy Diary.

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We are missing going to dogshows... it has been over a year since our last show. So the other day when the sun came out we took some new photos of the dogs. Here are a few new stacked photos of Colin 4,5 years old. 

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Today I am very happy to get to celebrate the 12th Birthday of four of my puppies from my very first litter, the America-litter born 2009-03-25 (Fendi x Bosco). I had the priviligue to meet Ramoz this past weekend and it was lovely to see him.
This is an old age for ridgebacks which I of course wish all my puppies would get to experience. Unfortunately most of the A-litter is no longer with us, but always in our heart!
Happy Birthday Ramoz, Vidar, Boston and Myy and all our Angels!

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Kadamo Live Life Like Timon "Nacho" from the Lion King- litter (Mira x Colin) finished his bloodtracking championtitle with three straight 1st prizes in openclass during the month of March. Congratulations and very well done Linda and Nacho!

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Our handsome young boy Ave Caesar Diamond Jewel by Rubi "Maddox" is now 13 months old and was X-rayed this week. The results came back from the Swedish Kennelclub today and he got perfect scores! Hips A/A and elbows 0/0!
Maddox has now moved back in with us. He has spend his first year living with a "fosterfamily", but they are not able to keep him.
So he will stay with us for now, as long as he works with the rest of our pack we won't be looking for a new home. 
His own page has been updated with some new photos, more will come when we get better weather for a photoshoot!

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