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Dogshow weekend in Finland!

On Thursday me, Ellen, Mira and Malin with Idde (sire to my G-litter) started off our weekendtrip to Finland. Before getting on the ferry we went for a very windy walk on the fields near me to let the dogs play. They sure did and off we went to the ferry. The trip went very well, the dogs slept and behaved so well at the ferry and we arrived early Friday morning in Turku, Finland.
We started to drive towards Lahti but quickly stopped on the way for a short walk in the woods. After some more driving we stopped again at a sandpit were the dogs could stretch their legs and all of us gets some fresh air trying to wake up! We had gotten up at 4.30 Swedish time in the morning...
We arrived at the showground around 11 am and had plenty of time to eat lunch, walk the dogs and talk to the other ridgeback owners. I was happy to have Elina with her girl FINUCH EECH EEJCH Kadamo The Girl Next Door "Myy" coming to sheer us on. My is from my A-litter and I haven't seen her for a while, so happy to get some qualitytime with her again!

Finally in the afternoon it was time for the show, judge Taina Nygård, Finland, breed entry 15. Idde started in Championclass which he won and he also became Best Male, being the only male at the show this day recieveing CQ.
I showed Mira in Openclass where we ended up 2nd with Excellent and CQ. In Best Bitch it was the two of us from Openclass aswell as the two Championbitches who had recieved CQ, and I was happy to be placed as 2nd Best Bitch, even though this only gave us the Reserv-CAC...
Idde won Best of Breed and finished nicely BIG-3 aswell. Today he also became Finnish Champion AND Nordic Champion! Huge congratulations to you Malin!
After the show we drove to our hotel in Tampere were we had dinner and fell asleep early, all tired after our first day of travelling and show.
The next day we enjoyed a great breakfast at the hotel and walked the dogs before heading to the show. 
Today it was time for the International show in Tampere, breedentry 30, judge Yochai Barak, Israel.
Idde once again in Championclass which he won and he placed nicely 3rd Best Male. I showed Mira in openclass which she managed to win with CQ.
Mira's critique:
"Femine, very elegant when standing with beautiful outline. Super pigmentation, very strong bone, correct head and expression. When moving she isn't even yet, needs to get stronger. Nice coat and temperament."

Unfortunately we were not placed in Best Bitch which left us without that Finnish CAC that I was hoping for. But hopefully next time!
After the show we had a few hours before our ferry was leaving so we stopped a couple of times on the road to let the dogs play and to have dinner. We were all tired so after watching a movie we fell asleep!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Malin for coming along on this trip, for entertaining Ellen for me and just keeping me company! It has been great and look forward to more fun trips in the future with you!


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