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Showpractice with parts of the pack!

Today me and a group of puppybyers had booked the indoor dogarena in Upplands Väsby. We had two hours of showtraining, socialisation, rallyobedience and obediencetraining.
Next week it is time for the first show of the year for most of them and todays practise went well! 
Since Mira is in heat at the moment we are waiting for our next obediencecompetition in April. Then I will also start with her mother Moa, who I have not competed with in obedience since 2009. Now it is time to try to gain that LP1 (Obediencediploma 1) with her aswell!
After that I will start to work more with Koya and hopefully start to compete in Rallyobedience in the summer! 
So have a lot of fun things to practise for this year!


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