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Today Moa and Yaya had their second swimming session. They knew exactly what was happening as we walked in the doors at the dogpool, Kurvans Hundhälsa in Kungens Kurva.
Moa is an excellent swimmer and gets a lot of praise from the owner of the pool. She works really hard and uses her whole body as she swims.
It's the perfect complement to our normal long walks for her now after her final litter. Great way to get her back into good shape again!
The first three times we are there we have herthe owner with us before I will start swimming them on my own.
All my dogs has swam in dogpools before which shows, they are doing great and knows the routines. Yaya tried three times to jump into the pool with Moa today, balancing on the poolside... Silly girl. 
She did well once it was her turn aswell, even though she swims more calm than Moa. Yaya is in false pregnancy now so I hope this exercise will help her a little.

Now they are sleeping happily after a good swim, stretching session and a couple of hours with their Back on Track coats on.


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