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Two weeks since Kayla's date with Idde!

It has now been two weeks since Kayla and I met handsome and sweet SEUCH DKUCH SEVCH Mankoya's Incredible Idde by Gambo "Idde". We don't know yet if their date was successful and if we will have puppies, but we hope so! 
For more information about or planned G-litter follow the link!
Kayla has been back home with her family for one week and I just got reports that she seems to be more tired, more hungry and has vomited a couple of times. Let's hope these are for her all signs of that she is expecting puppies!
We all enjoyed having Kayla at home with us for two weeks. She gets along with all my dogs and is just like one in the pack. So we hope to have her back with us in January and of course to meet her and Idde's puppies! Keep your fingers crossed!


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