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My girl Tiya (Kadamo Comin' Home) from the KISS-litter (Mira x Colin) and Kelly (Kadamo Watch Out for Kaa) from the JUNGLE BOOK-litter (Segra x Khan) met up in the woods today with bloodtrackingjudge Göran Ädel. Both girls passed the aptitudetest and can now start to compete in openclass.
Congratulations to Kelly and her owners Lotta and Niklas!

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Today I headed for the national dogshow in Gimo with Colin and Tiya. At the show we were joined by Ace and Daisy with families aswell.
First out was Ace (Kadamo I was made for lovin' you) from the Kiss-litter (Mira x Colin) making his debute in Juniorclass just 9 months and 1 week old. He did well but I think he would have prefered played with everyone instead of standing still and running all proper. 
He recieved Excellent and placed 4th in the class!
After him it was time for dad Colin to enter Championclass. He did well, though a bit annoyed by the flies, he hates them! He won the class and in Best Male he finished 2nd.
After the boys it was the girls turn an official debute for Tiya in juniorclass. I had no expectations at all, I am always the most critical when it comes to my own dogs and think she is such a typical junior in body at the moment, very leggy and overbuilt. 
But the little girl got excellent and acctually won the class with CQ! After that we went all the way to Best Bitch 4 with R-CAC! Very promising start for this little girl!
Bigsister Daisy (SEVCH Kadamo Brings It Back Again) from the It-litter (Mira x Boy) recieved Excellent in Openclass but finished just outside placement. 
A nice day for us! Now we have a break from the shows for a little while!

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Last weekend I had a bloodtracking practice with some of the dogs from my K-litter, J-litter and H-litter. We had nice weather and happy dogs! Thank you all for coming, so nice to see these talented dogs that gets to do what they are meant to do!
Some photos below of Kadamo God of Thunder "Zeke", Kadamo I was made for lovin' you "Ace", Kadamo Watch Out for Kaa "Kelly", Kadamo Heavens on Fire "Leston" and Kadamo High Up in

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Today it was showtime again. We haven't been to any shows at all during August so now it was time! Tiya turns 9 months old tomorrow so this was her last time in puppyclass before entering juniorclass. She did well and won and became Best Bitch with HP and finished Best of Breed puppy.
In Openclass Kadamo Fire it Up "Arrax" was shown by his owner Amanda, and he did so well gaining Excellent and placed 2nd in the class. 
In Championclass I showed Colin and won with CK, so time for Best Male. A good quality class where the judge today liked Colin the most, so he finished Best Male with Nordic-CAC and later BOS.
I showed SEVCH Kadamo Brings It Back Again "Daisy" in openclass and she got excellent and placed 3rd in the class.
I was also happy to be cheered on by Mira's daughter Skilla and her family who stopped by today! Thank you all for a nice day despite the rain!

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Kadamo Let It Be "Saffran" from the It-litter (Mira x Boy) has passed his test to compete in nosework. There are twelve containers and the dog has 3 minutes to find the one with the smell inside and mark it. Saffran found it in less than 30 seconds! He got lovely words from the judge, such a clever boy who I am sure will do great in future competitions! Congratulations Annelie!

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This past week we had a heatwave with lovely weather. August has been pretty cold so this made me very happy. On a day off I took the dogs to the tiny beach in the woods for a wonderful afternoon swimming and playing in the water. It was my first and last swim outside this year! So happy to have 5 dogs that all enjoy water!

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Vi söker ett nytt hem åt en av våra hanhundar (20 månader respektive 5 år). Vi har i dagsläget två okastrerade hanar i huset och önskar att en av dom ska få flytta till ett eget hem för att undvika framtida konflikter. De kan bo med tik, men skulle inte rekommendera med okastrerad tik då det blir väldigt besvärligt kring löp. 
Önskar ev fodervärd/delägare och inte sälja så låter det intressant så kontakta mig gärna så berättar jag mer om dom.
Mail till karin@kadamo.se.

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