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My girl Mira 7 months old

My own little princess "Mira" Kadamo Bringin' It Back is just getting bigger and bigger. She recently turned 7 months old, my puppy is soon as big as her mother Moa and older sister Yaya! She weighs around 31 kg and is 63 cm tall. 
See some new photos of Mira's siblings from the Elvis-litter in their own photoalbum.. 
At the moment she has three more shows planned, still in puppyclass. We are going to Höör and the Swedish Ridgeback Speciality Show this weekend, and next weekend we have two days in Tvååker.  After that we are taking a break to attend to Mira's older halfsister "Enya" SEVCH Kadamo Ain't She Sweet who is having her puppies in about 4 weeks! 
Read more about the planned F-litter and if you are interested in a puppy contact me at karin@kadamo.se or 070-998 09 91.


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