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Great X-ray results for Elvis and my foundation bitch Moa!

The last one of the dogs from the Elvis-litter is now X-rayed. Kadamo It's Now or Never "Elvis" who lives in Czech got scores: Hips: A/A, Elbows: 0/0, OCD: negative, LTV: negative, Spondylosis: negative!!
I am so happy about this! Congrats to his owner Sarka! 

Elvis was the last puppy out of my girl Moa's (CIB NORDUCH EECH SEVCH RLDN RLDF Hamnuddens Fischer CV) all three litters to be X-rayed. She has proven herself as a great broodbitch and foundation of my future breedings.
She has 25 offsprings from 3 litters, Kadamo's Beatles-litter (sire MultiCH Roseridge Red Rastaban), Drinks-litter (sire CH HPK Tropaco Troyan Argos of COSO) and the Elvis-litter (sire CH Lionsbane Hes the Boss). 

Her X-ray statistics (24 out of 25 X-rayed):
HD clear: 100 % 
HD A/A: 16 = 67 %
HD A/B: 1 = 4 %
HD B/B: 7 = 29 %
HD C or D: 0 = 0 %

ED clear: 96 %
ED 0/0: 23 = 96 %
ED 0/3: 1 = 4 % (UAP-ununited anconeus process)

1 dog from D-litter not X-rayed and evalutated by SKK because problems at younger age. Diagnose: deformation of L7 and around C4/C5. No surgery has been needed.


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