• Planned litter


Our next litter here at Kadamo is planned for  winter 2019/2020. Mira started her heat October 3rd and will be mated after around 18-20 days. If all goes as planned this means that the puppies will be born just days before Christmas, and ready to move to their new home in the middle of February when they are 8 weeks old. 
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Are you interested in buying a puppy from Kadamo?
I am looking for puppybyers who are interested in having an active life with their dog, wether it is with tracking, agility, obedience, showing or other kind of activities.
It is also very important to me with puppybyers who will stay in close touch with me when the puppy grows up so that I can follow their development and evalute my breeding.
I will arrange puppymeetings where we will try different types of activities and I will have a puppyclass for the litter which I would like all byers to attend if possible.

I follow the directions and guidelines written by the Swedish Kennelclub (SKK) and the Swedish Rhodesian Ridgeback Club (SRRS) when choosing suitable dogs for breeding concerning health and breedtype. (This means that a dog being used for breeding needs to be X-rayed with score A or B on hips and 0/0 on elbows and been shown with at least a Very good in quality.)

If you are interested in a puppy from my kennel feel free to contact me for more information!
Karin : 070-998 09 91 or karin@kadamo.se


This is what you get when you buy a puppy from Kadamo:
- Registrationpapers and pedigree from SKK
- Health certificate not older than 7 days
- A puppy that has been dewormed, vaccinated and has a ID-chip
- Membership in SRRS the first year (RR-nytt)
- Food for the first week at your home
- A collar and blanket that smells of mummy and siblings
- Possibility to attend obedience/puppyclass and other activities
- Information and tips on how to take the best care of your new familymember
- Ridgebackskolan
- The DVD "Välkommen valp" from SKK
- Regular puppymeetings
- Lifelong support from me