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Great X-ray results for Ebba & Stella!

This passed Friday I had "Ebba" Kadamo Bloody Mary and "Stella" Kadamo Leave it to Me at my work for their X-rays. And today we got their results! Both are clear on both hips and elbows, Ebba  HD: A/A, ED: 0 and Stella HD: A/B, ED: 0.
Congrats to the owners! This means that 9 out of 10 dogs in the Drinks-litter is now X-rayed and they are all clear on both hips and elbows! I haven't been all that nervous but it is still such a wonderful relief to have the results on paper!
This also means that their mother "Moa" has never produced any hip or elbowdysplasia! She has 25 puppies, of them 16 is X-rayed (8 of them is still too young, the Elvis-litter) and they are ALL clear! Sooooo proud to have bred all these lovely dogs and so happy that they are all healthy, just like their parents!

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